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The More You Grow PSAs

Status: In Production
Role: Writer/Producer

A series of Public Service Announcements from Stan.  A tie in with “The Adventures of Stan.”
“Ghosts”                                                                                         6/23/12        Watch it here.
“Revenge”                                                                                      7/1/12          Watch it here.
“A Cautionary Tale”                                                                   7/8/12          Watch it here.
“Natural Gas”                                                                                7/15/12        Watch it here.
“On A Curve”                                                                                 7/22/12        Watch it here.
“Neither Here Nor There”                                                        7/29/12        Watch it here.
“Not Chuck Norris”                                                                     8/5/12          Watch it here.
“Suckers”                                                                                         8/12/12        Watch it here.

Watch them all here.


Adventures of Stan!

Status: Ongoing Series
Role: Writer/ProducerEp 1 – “Mirror, Mirror”                                7/21/11
Stan comes home to find his evil twin lurking.
Watch it here.
Ep 2 – “Notes From the Commute pt 1″                                              8/11/11
Stan meets a new friend on the way to work.
Watch it here.
Ep 3 – “Doughnut Try to Fool Me Again”                                          9/27/11
Randall confronts Stan over the lack of doughnuts.
Watch it here.
Ep 4 – “Say What?”                                                                                     12/11/11
Stan sits in for Randall and gets a call from a confused client.
Watch it here.
Ep 5 – “Rescue Me”                                                                                   2/16/12
Stan meets a super hero.
Watch it here.
Ep 6 – “Notes From the Commute pt 2″                                              2/23/12
Stan’s commute is interrupted by someone who just can’t wait.

Watch it here.



Rambo Pre-Blood

Status: Complete, July 28, 2011
Role: Writer/Producer
Two soldiers discuss the numbering convention for the Rambo films.  Created for the Redwolf Airsoft “Naminate” contest.
Watch it here.


Status: Complete, November 2, 2008
Role: Writer/Producer
A comedy series that features Dr. Victor Von Doom and his quest to rule, all captured on his webcam.
Watch it here.


Status: Complete, April 14, 2008
Role: The Voice
Directed by Nick Burridge during his studies in Film and Television at the New Zealand Broadcasting School. Specific criteria for this project was it had to be 2 minutes in duration, shot in one day, and edited in another.
Shot in Cashmere, Christchurch, New Zealand.
Watch it here.

Heinz Ad – Sounds of Summer

Status: Complete, Aug. 5, 2007
Role: Director/Co-Producer
A 30 second commercial for Heinz Ketchup for the Heinz Top This! TV Contest on YouTube.
Based on an original concept by JoAnne Stanosz.
Watch it here.

Heinz Ad – Big Tomato

Status: Complete, Aug. 5, 2007
Role: Director/Co-Producer
A 30 second commercial for Heinz Ketchup for the Heinz Top This! TV Contest  on YouTube.
Based on an original concept by Glen Stanosz.
Watch it here.

The Amazing Spider-Spud

Status: Complete, May 2, 2007
Role: Writer/Producer
A short potato parody. After a long day of web slinging, the Amazing Spider-Spud settles in for a well deserved rest, but dreams of his dark side and an alien goo may make that impossible. Created as a submission to the Target/Spider-man 3 “Spin Your Own Webisode Contest this short made it to the Semi-Finalist round (top 10).
Watch it here.

Affleck/Aflac Parody

Status: Complete, April 6, 2007
Role: Writer/Producer
MTSFilms is looking to produce it’s first blockbuster hit, but who should we get to star?
Featuring Sean Mattner.
Watch it here.

Iron Man Movie Fan Made Trailer

Status: Complete, October 23, 2006
Role: Writer/Editor
In true geek fashion this is a Fan Made Trailer for the upcoming Iron Man movie starring Robert Downey Jr. and Terrence Howard and directed by Jon Favreau. At the time of release, not a frame of footage for the actual movie will have been shot, but this trailer is meant only to be a fun fan idea at what the real trailer might look like. Please rent or buy the movie and it’s sequel!
Watch it here.

Carb Wars: Revenge of the Spud

Status: Complete
Role: Writer/Producer
George Lucas never dreamed it would go this far. Carb Wars: Revenge of the Spud parodies the final installment of the the Star Wars saga, this time with spuds. This trailer hits the highlights as Anakin Frywalker betrays his roots and becomes rotten to the core.
Starring: Cory Sandrock, Matthew Stanosz, Kris Sandrock, Jamey Stanosz, and Maestro (as the Wookie).
Featuring original music by JoAnne Stanosz.
Visit the REVENGE OF THE SPUD for more.


Status: Complete
Role: Writer/Producer
This short was a test film for Carb Wars: Revenge of the Spud and an entry into a contest to feature Darth Tator for the website While it did not win the grand prize and no runners up were ever announced, it proved successful and a hit among those who did see it.
Visit the REVENGE OF THE SPUD for more.

Foundations to Remember: Reflections Upon Oshkosh’s 150 Years

Winner: 2004 WAPC Award of Merit
Role: Producer/Director/Editor
A 90 minute look at the history of the city of Oshkosh. The documentary weaves together still and moving images from throughout the lifespan of the city with interviews from local historians. The film touches on the significant events since the founding of the city and draws heavily on archival material from the Oshkosh Public Museum. A Ron and Jim Metz presentation created in cooperation with Oshkosh Community Access Television and the Oshkosh Public Museum. Narrated by Jerry Burke of WBAY Channel 2.


Winner: WAPC 2002 Award of Merit
Role: Director
A thirty second promotion for high school sports carried on Oshkosh Community Access Television.


Winner: WAPC 2002 Award of Achievement
Role: Editor
A thirty second promotion for the Oshkosh Community Access Television fundraiser, a local business discount card.

Blood Brothers

Winner: 2nd Place 2001 Films on the Fox
Role: Director/Editor
A short drama about two friends, pulled apart by a woman and drawn together again by revenge.

An Ant’s Life

Status: From the archives
Role: Props/Animation
“A Special Interest Production.” In 5th grade a group students from each elementary school in the district made 2 short films, this was the district winner and my first foray into film making.
Watch it here.